• Pure
    Juniorplay is a brand
    new experience in terms
    of contents for kids
    and their family.
    It’s a device and a world
    of contents.
  • Amazing
    Juniorplay gives
    you many ways
    to stay entertained:
    cartoons, educational TV
    shows, movies and
    TV series purposely
    created for kids.
  • Just like
    a friend
    Juniorpad is a tablet
    created to bring
    togetherness between
    you and your child.
    It’s an innovative
    and creative device
    full of apps for kids.
  • Easy to get in.
    Easy to get out.
    Cartoons and TV shows
    are always available
    in over 15 languages.
    It’s easy to get your subscription
    and cancellation is without cost.
    You can either buy a single
    TV show or get your subscription for
    as little as one month.

Our children.
Our future.
The only passion who’s leading
our own lives is the passion
for our children’s happiness.
That’s the reason why
we’ve dedicated our strenght
to create a tecnology inspired
and focused on children.
A new tecnology to raise them
with creativity and fun.
A new tecnology to help you
as mom or dad to answer
your children’s questions and
stimulate their curiosity.
This is a brand new project that it’s
about to be available for you and your kids.

A family
The history of our evolution is the history
of the experiences
we decided to share together.
Innovative technologies like
Juniorplay are based on the idea
of putting together the children’s
desire of learning and making
new experiences and the parent’s
will of giving them the best
in terms of education,
entertainment and happiness.
Juniorplay and Juniorpad are conceived
as a family project,
to give every family a better chance
to share time and feelings.

The power
of imagination
We recollected ourselves
to the magic experiences of our childhood,
to the everyday adventures
of our own imagination,
and that’s where we started building
this project from.
We asked kids what they like to see,
not just as customers, but as the very soul
of Juniorplay because they have curiosity
and creativity to suggest
with no filter, to judge what they don’t like
and ask with no shame
for a better world.
This project is based
on their suggestions.

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